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Undergraduate Graduate
American University

Video contains no sound or narration. AU's spirit is captured through the people, places, and events on campus and in DC. The Alexandria Pipe and Drums pipe band plays on stage during a 2018 commencement ceremony. A female student and her service dog sit with other students. President Burwell uses a selfie stick to take a video of herself and a crowd of students. A variety of diverse students celebrate their commencement ceremonies by waving at the camera and applauding. President Burwell makes a speech at commencement. Agnes Robestine Sagina, School of International Service (SIS) Graduate Speaker, addresses a crowd at commencement. Students pose for pictures, shake hands with President Burwell and the dean of SIS, and show off their diplomas during commencement.

Six months after graduation,
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American University offers a variety of doctoral programs to prepare you for careers in academia, research, or clinical practice. Our PhD graduates work at prestigious institutions in the U.S. and abroad. Explore the programs we offer:


Results of Graduation Census as of six months after graduation for May graduates from 2015—2017.

International Relations, Philosophy

I'm proud of my role in AU carbon neutrality. As a Student Sustainability Educator, I table at events and monitor trashcans to conduct waste management. Since this process may be new to some of our students, we explain how their actions and consumption patterns on campus affect the university's waste stream.

Student Sustainability Educators work with the Office of Sustainability on programs around campus.

With eight schools and over 160 programs including bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, American University students choose a personalized curriculum of theoretical study and experiential learning, taught by internationally-recognized faculty in courses that take them from the classroom, to the nation’s capital, and all around the globe.

Arts Sciences

The largest school at American University, the College of Arts and Sciences features more than 100 degree programs that span the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Our diverse, scholarly community offers outstanding opportunities for hands-on interdisciplinary research, internships, and creative expression.

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There are a number of broad arguments creationists/anti-evolutionists make. Specific claims are examined at our Charles by Charles David Leanna Platform Wedge Sandal Womens U0TgJrwH
page. They're mostly arguments born of a lack of understanding what evolution by mutation and natural selection actually is, though rarely they're advanced by more savvy creationists as To Boot New YorkEmmett ph1U46GW
of the theory of evolution.

See the main articles on this topic: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Ursula Flat AQSyy7xqO
and Improbable things happen

Often creationists ask how likely it is that all this complex life could have come about by random chance. They suggest that since individual events, such as the abiogenetic formation of proteins, emergence of RNA, organization of unicellular into multicellular organisms, etc., are purportedly so highly improbable that the entire chain events culminating in the existence of even a single complex organism could not have happened as described. Therefore, God did it . As creationism is largely a program of negative apologetics (e.g. an attempt to show a claim that is viewed as contrary to Christian faith is internally inconsistent or irrational according to the Christian perspective), arguments such as this are in essence arguments from incredulity with the proponent denying a fact (in this case the statistical probability that such and such essential event will have occurred ) in order to draw the unsupported conclusion that some other cause (the Christian God) was at work.

The implied argument that a god or "designer" was at work is itself fraught with more untenable problems. Putting aside that the illusion of design is itself problematic, and assuming for the sake of argument that "design" is even identifiable in biological systems, if "random chance" is inadequate to account for some outcome, one is simply making unsupported assertions to contend that it is more probable that a designer was at work. If the causes are "designers" about which nothing is known, if they are capable of doing anything, if it is not known how or why they act, if it is not known when they acted (or will act), or if it is not known what they did (or did not, or could, or would), the causes are not enough to account for the results. If so, "design" in this sense is indistinguishable from random chance.

Nonetheless, evolution by natural selection isn't a random process. While genetic mutations may appear randomly, the natural selection of specific traits to produce a statistically significant allele (gene variation) frequency in a discrete population of organisms is highly deterministic. If a gene aids survival with respect to any particular environmental stressor, then it is selected by means of the survival and reproduction of the individuals carrying that gene and perpetuates in the population of organisms. If the trait is detrimental to survival, it will leave organisms vulnerable to a particular environmental stressor and through attrition lower the frequency of the allele(s) contributing to that trait in the subject population.

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By Michael Pyskaty
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WATCH White House chef Andre Rush shares top grilling recipes for July 4

Celebrating the Fourth of July with a patriotic display of fireworks is a quintessential holiday activity. But for those who want their own personal fireworks display, it might not always be a legal celebration.

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4th of July
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This year, all but one state has laws that allow for the sale of at least some type of firework devices. These laws range from some states only allowing sparklers and other types of novelty devices, to others that allow any kind of consumer-grade fireworks to be sold. Massachusetts is the only state that has a total blanket ban on all types of fireworks.

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